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Put your trust in us! Our areas of expertise include:

  • • Records Storage (Print and electronic records)
  • • Barcode Cataloguing and Classification
  • • Document Collection & Delivery
  • • Document Destruction
  • • Remote Data Back-Up
  • • Scanning Services
  • • Cloud Solutions
  • • Packaging Material

Records Storage (Print and electronic records)

Iron Clad offers secure records storage and management services. Why invest in additional premises to store important documents. The most viable option is to outsource your documents for safe storage with an off-site company.

Barcode Cataloguing and Classification

Bar code cataloguing means placing bar codes on various boxes and or documentsitems/products. We at Iron Clad, stick barcodes on the outside of items/products. This helps in reducing physical handling of the same. This process is now acceptable anywhere in the world. Whatever might be your requirement, just let us know about it and we shall deliver accordingly. We do bar code cataloguing on any type of product or item.

Document Collection & Delivery

We also provide document collection services to businesses to save their valuable time. We also offer the option to collect the documents meant for archiving from your office. And, whenever the need arises, you can either send your authorized person to our premises to collect the specific documents or we can send the same through our in-house delivery service. We ensure that your documents are retrieved and dispatched quickly.

Document Destruction

It is vital that sensitive documents are destroyed when not useful to avoid the risk of criminal activities like identity theft and fraud. We take every precaution to guarantee that nobody will be able to steal or view your documents. Our document destruction service meets the protection criteria of security classifications (all levels) regarding document destruction. We offer both on-site and off-site document destruction as per your preference. For on-site destruction, our trained and accredited staff will visit your office, collect the bins containing documents and destruct the same in the shredding machine mounted in our company vehicle in your presence. We shall also provide you with a certificate of destruction on completion. The leftover tiny pieces of documents are sent for recycling. For off-site destruction, the same process is followed with the only difference being that the process is carried out in our facility.

Remote Data Back-Up

Offsite backups are crucial in case of accidental loss of data. Iron Clad turns complex information and records into easy-to-use data repositories for your backups. We are adept in collecting, compressing, encrypting, and transferring the data to our remote backup servers or off-site hardware.

Scanning Services

We offer digital conversion and archiving, converting your huge paper stacks, into convenient digital files. All you have to do is, give us a call, and our staff will come to your office, collect the documents, and provide you with digital files, containing all the information, in no time.

Cloud Solutions

Today a majority of worldwide companies are using cloud solutions to achieve internal objectives so why not you. Through our cloud solutions, you will be able to perform your functions in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We will help you optimize your systems to enable you to get the best out of your IT infrastructure. By using it as an enterprise tool, you can store/manage data and create backups. The managed data can be used for enterprise data analytics that will lead to business growth.

Document Shredding

For any business owner, it is a high risk if sensitive or confidential information falls into wrong hands. The same must be stored or destroyed in a proper and secure manner. Storing sensitive information is a big problem because you will require lot of space and time. The best way is to shred it safely. Shredding ensures that your competitors will never get their hands on your documents. Our highly qualified document shredding experts will shred your sensitive documents safely and quickly. We shall also provide you a certificate on completion of work.