A myriad of speedy services are available, including next day, and express services to get your documents when you want them.


Don’t give up your precious space. Get rid of the clutter and retrieve your documents in a timely manner. Save hours of time sifting through boxes of documents.


Documents are stored in locked steel containers in a secure warehouse, which has 24 hour monitoring. Not even a natural disaster can get at your documents.

Welcome To Iron Clad

Having difficulty managing or finding important documents? Speak to the professionals at Iron Clad, Records Storage and Management. We provide safe, secure and affordable solutions for off-site records storage and disposal. We can help you organize all your critical papers and electronic records in a simple way so that they are easily accessible through a centralized network.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • • Records Storage (Print and electronic records)
  • • Document Collection (Speedy Retrieval & Delivery of Documents to and from your offices)
  • • Barcode Cataloguing and Classification
  • • Scanning Services (Converting paper into digital files)
  • • Document Destruction
  • • Cloud Solutions
  • • Remote Data Back-Up

Iron Clad also helps in moving and storing your business records. Pack your records, we will pick them up and transport them to our safe facility. Whenever you need them, we will return them to you or come and view them at our facility. Don’t feel like packing them? We will pack them for you.

Our aim is to improve your business efficiency by saving time and money. The security of our clients’ documents is of utmost importance to us. Your official papers are always at a risk of dust, moisture, termites, fire, theft or getting lost. With Iron Clad, you need not worry at all. We create the safest environment for your documents. We are virtually hurricane proof. Your records are racked and housed in steel 40ft containers, so even if the roof of the building is destroyed or the walls crumble, your documents are safe and sound. Being a member of the B.L. Williams Group, we have over 90 years of experience storing customers’ valuable possessions. Put your trust in us!

Member of the B.L. Williams Group