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The processes of indexing, retrieval, retention management and destruction have become complicated. There is less space for an increased number of files and papers. Companies face problems of misplaced documents, damaged records or unauthorized access to important information. Outsourcing your storage to a professional company like Iron Clad will save time, labour and money, thereby reducing your overall operating costs.

Iron Clad caters to the storage requirements all businesses; legal, banking, health, government and retail sectors. We understand that each industry has unique requirements and we custom design our services to meet with each clients’ specifications. Our staff is qualified and experienced to help you tailor your storage needs.

Our aim is to improve your business efficiency. Leave the organizing to us. Get your files when and where you want them. We can deliver to you, or you can peruse them at our secure viewing facility by appointment. The security of our clients’ documents is of the utmost importance to us. Your official papers are always at a risk of dust, moisture, termites, fire, theft or getting lost. With Iron Clad, you need not worry. We create the safest environment for your documents including pest treatment quarterly.